Reviews of Southern Oregon Wellness Clinic


“ I love that Mary Lou takes her time with me during each of my visits. She always makes sure that all my questions get answered and that I leave feeling like my concerns were addressed.”
– Shannon

“I think what makes Mary Lou different from other providers that I have had in the past is her genuine concern and care for me as a patient. I feel like she cares about my wellbeing and about how I feel long term, not just today.”
– Shawna

“ Mary Lou is great at helping me look at many options to treating my illness. She helps me find the right avenue that works for me and provides me with options if further medical care is needed. I love that”

– Lisa

“I love that the clinic works together as a team, you feel it when you walk in. Everyone is always so caring and attentive”
– Robin

“ Mary Lou has been treating me for nine years now. She is a blessing to me and treats me like a real person. I feel like she actually cares about my problems. Without Mary Lou I would be in constant pain but instead it is manageable. The staff is great and always so professional. I am in such good health now because of Mary Lou and her staff, Thank You!”
– Ken


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