Lambertson MD- WELNESSS

Anna Lambertson, M.D, MPH is a graduate of the Loma Linda School of Medicine and has long believed and practiced its motto of “To Make Man Whole.”  She began her medical training in Internal Medicine only to become disillusioned with the number of health problems that could have been prevented and now were maintained by medication alone.  This led to her interest in preventive medicine and she is board certified in preventive medicine and public health with a Masters of Public Health in Health Education and Health promotion.


She often sees individuals that had “failed” the conventional system since they often feel unwell but there is “nothing wrong with them”.  Her favorite approach is a system of deep detoxification called biotherapeutic drainage which utilizes lifestyle change and various treatment supplements. It emphasizes the interconnectedness of the various organ systems of the body and how emotions can affect each one of these.   Its focus is on correcting disease rather than simply treating it.  In addition, she provides preventive medicine consultations that focus on each individual’s health history and what preventive techniques would be helpful for them.  This may include nutritional assessment as well as food allergy testing.


She especially likes working with those individuals with gut issues including, SIBO, IBS, heartburn, and food allergies and sensitivities.  In addition she works with those individuals that may not want to use bio-identical hormones but want to have their hormone systems more balanced.  Biotherapeutic drainage works well for those with anxiety and depression, menopause and menstrual difficulties, stress,  fatigue and frequent sinus and respiratory infections.


She loves walking with her patients through their healing journeys and is pleased to be a member of Southern Oregon Wellness Clinic, whose goal is to provide the best healthcare available using a variety of treatments that fit each individual.